my phone arrives…

July 12, 2006

Woohoo so my new phone arrived today.
In fact I wasn’t like the joyous wobbly kneed kid I once used to be when taking delivery of a new phone.
To be honest yes I’m excited at the prospect of taking half decent photo’s and the like but in essence its a phone, but so far a bloody slick one at that.
Larger, sharper, cleaner screen, lighter, slick bluey-white lightup keys and a sweet camera to boot.

One rant…

Over the years I have accumulated about 4 or 5 sony chargers and now have one at work, at my desk at home, in my laptop bag and in my motorhome.
Now I have the lone ranger charger for home use only and my partner will gain so many chargers that my true geek-e freak-e cable fetish will only be confirmed further into her mind.


New mobyjones

July 12, 2006

Well I ordered my new mobile phone yesterday the Sony Ericsson K800i, its a bit of story really…
Currently I use a K600i, you see me and phones have a love hate relationship.
I love phones, there cool they have so many awe-inspiring features and functions that I have always had to be at the cutting edge and have the best (well in my eyes anyway).
But I also hate them, after getting one I end up not using the saturated coolness they originally offered, so after the kid-buzz dust has settled I’m hit back into check, that in reality its a phone, it makes calls, sends messages and has a phonebook and calendar.
Well my actual current contract phone is the Orange SVP M5000 why? well I asked the very same question, after months of waiting, finally I was one of the first to get one. But it was only until I went to a nightclub and realized I had to lump this oozing brick of radiation around in my sky rocket that I looked a right tool, so ended my relationship with always wanting something that in reality I am only going to tire of (yeah right! until next time).
So up on eBay it went to someone much more deserving than myself.
Then toddled off back to the Orange shop for a quick fix of the K600i on PAYG (Pay As You Go) the manager was extremely friendly chap and really cool, understood my stupid mistake and gave me a deal of the century. In popped my contract sim and the rest is history.
So now back to the current affair…
My K600i will now go to my partner and I will get the new K800i on upgrade.

I must say that my direction in the mobile communications market has changed somewhat over the last 12 months.
I definitely believe camera phones are the way to go…
This new one is a 3.2 megapixel beauty, seeing that my current digital camera is only 5mp and rarely gets an outing due to lack of rememberance.
Also although I love my ipod Shuffle to bits and think its the best thing since sliced bread I do believe the integration of music, phone and camera is going to be the way forward for some.
If I could get the simplicity of ipod and megapixel camera into a phone with a looong battery life I would be a happy bunny.

So what’s in your pocket?…
…In mine I will soon have a digital camera/phone, iPod and some keys.

Microsoft Media Player

July 11, 2006

So over the last few days I have been reading about Microsoft’s plans to release an iPod beating wireless media player.
Well competition is always good for the end user anyway but I do have my concerns…

As much as I love Apple I can’t stand the whole iTunes Music store thing, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying its bad it’s not in fact it’s probably one of the best things Apple has done to assert itself in the digital age (along with the “i” series of hardware).
It’s just call me old fashioned but I like CD cases, paper and shiny silver discs I like packaging some of the music I buy has the most wonderful packaging seen like fold out artwork and the like.
Although I do DJ and 90% of that music is purchased digitally but not from Apple (for many reasons).
So why do I hate the music store?
Well firstly their is the whole DRM thing, talk about big brother, yes its good for record companies but its restrictive untrusting and IMHO
quite frankly a violation of privacy.
What else do I dislike? the fact that itunes is tied and only flows to one device, the iPod. With the 100’s if not 1000’s of MP3 variants I can understand catering for the all is neigh on impossible but with many mainstream ones being popular along with the cheaper USB stick type ones that are so often bought buy family because Timmy wants an MP3 player.
I would have hoped but not half expected Apple or someone to at least create a small gateway for these users, after all its all good profit for Apple at the end of the day is Mr Creative Labs is buying his tunes through iTunes.
Yes before you all start flaming me not all MP3 players accept AAC or DRM material but I can’t imagine that some form of harmony in Apple’s favour couldn’t have happened already.
But alas the school cool kid has spoken buy and iPod or your not my friend!

I could rant on but seeing as I suddenly flew way off topic from the Music Player thats not in my hand I digress.

So Microsoft brining a iPod killer huh? well they have done pretty well keeping Sony on their toes with the release of the XBOX and XBOX 360.
So its going to be wireless and Microsoft are going to have an online Music Store to match.
Well it was upto this point I have researched and already started thinking…
What if their music store works with other music players? I would imagine it will seeing as MS already have strong ties with existing content providors and hardware manufactures.
So downloading music wherever a wireless hotspot lies huh? now to me thats cool, a built in shopping cart so nolonger the need for a PC or MAC in order to put new tunes on my media player.
Also notice I say media player not MP3 why you ask or who cares but there are subtle differences that should be respected in that Media applies to video as well as audio with streaming media and downloadable media now available and not in the MP3 for we all know and love.
Ironic how MP3 became the creator, godsend and wheel for the digital age of entertainment or the burden of lifting more money from our wallets 😉

Well thats it my 1st ever blog post. I have so much on this topic I want to write but my view of Blog is not to bore the tears out of my readers so I’ll stop here and come back to it later on.